Amir Chodorov - Ground Zero

Amir Chodorov - Ground Zero

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Ground Zero Station, New York 

Panoramic Photo on Aluminium - Limited Edition of 10

40 x 60" (102 cm x 152 cm)

The World Trade Center Station (also known as Ground Zero) is impressive. Its  architecture is fascinating. "It took me quite sometime to choose the best spot for me to shoot in order to obtain the image that would convey what I want, and to stress the lines and curves of this building.  This panoramic photo is made of 20 single images. 

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The Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, gathered about 250,000 people in a colorful procession and joy. This was a Microsoft's photo truck which was very colorful and beautifully decorated for the Parade.  A Panoramic angle for the photography was necessary to take 25 photos which were combined to give the movement effect and to show the colors of Dan Hotel Tel Aviv (behind the people/truck). 

Amir Chodorov

Cubism was created when Picasso and Braque introduced a third dimension in their impressionist paintings.  Inspired by African sculptures, cubist artists represented all dimensions of reality by showing the various angles of an object. 

Unaware of that, since his childhood Chodorov embarked on a similar journey through the lens of his camera: "As far as I can remember, I have always carried my camera for at least 40 years, trying to build emotional statements through powerful images to capture physical reality."                 

The results go well beyond traditional impressionism, as Chodorov also captured the fourth dimension: he condensed time.  You might not be able to tell at first glance, but his technique gathers a juxtaposition of images of the same object, bringing dynamism and a variety of angles to quotidian landscapes, people and places.        

According to Chodorov, "In a world where everybody has a cell phone camera and almost 2 billion pictures are taken every single day, I am not satisfied with one and simple picture only.  When we are looking at an urban scene, we see more than one frame at a time and I wanted to make sure that my work captures that moment and keeps it alive.  I am using a special technique where I combine 20 to 50 frames in one photography."  

"I try to encapsulate the full story of places and objects surrounding us and I am also trying to create excitement for the observer.  The inspiration for my technique also came by studying the work of the great masters of the Renaissance and later, such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and others who created large works of art that could be observed for hours, where we could always find new elements and details constantly". 

"I am fascinated by the challenge of re-creating a special connection between millions of people and the locations where they pass through every day, usually without noticing the beauty of details.  The purpose of my art is achieved when I manage to create an emotional impact and a reflection between people and the reality around them" says Chodorov.           



 2019  "If I Forget You Jerusalem is Because of Tel Aviv and Vice Versa", Tel Aviv, Israel 

2018   "Tel Aviv Has Many Faces to It" – Launched by Mr. Ron Huldai the Mayor of Tel Aviv

2018   "To Tell a Story With a Brush Stroke" - Graffiti in Tel Aviv, Israel