About Us

Duetto Arts is a New York based organization founded by women.   Our mission is to  promote contemporary art through: 
1. fostering the careers of established and emerging contemporary artists; 
2. the advancement of women in art; 
3. presenting innovative and unique artwork; and
4. making contemporary art accessible and available to all art lovers in New York and around the world. 
Artists are too busy creating to spend time networking. Our purpose is to create new opportunities for artists while promoting contemporary art. 
Duetto Arts also offers access to worldwide affordable art through an e-commerce platform with singular and innovative art pieces. The platform offers a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, design pieces, photography, prints and installation art. 
Since 2015 we work with leading established and emerging contemporary artists who offer a unique approach to art, and who could also offer a real opportunity for art investment and appreciation.
If the purpose of art is to elevate the human spirit, we would like to think we are creating a few steps.