Alander Especie is a multi-disciplinary Brazilian artist based in Telaviv.  

Alander was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.   He studied Fashion, contemporary art and goldsmith techniques.

In 2012 Alander had his first solo exhibition "Heirs of Tradition" at the National History Museum of his hometown, Rio de Janeiro.   The artist worked with 5 chairs and armchairs from 5 different renowned Designers to give them his "magic touch" - in other words, using an ancestral technique called macramé to recreate the chosen design pieces.  

His artworks are his narrative.   His life in Rio, his origins are the foundation of his inspiration.  His artworks are a reflexion on the everyday life.

One of his most famous works are called "Balanços". A swing set that invites the audience to rescue their childhood.  For Alander the public must have a sensorial and affective connection with his artwork.  He challenges himself to make something unusual even using the most common objects. In the swing set with macramé he brings the resistance of the material in contrast with the movement of the swings in a sort of repetition.  Like a mantra.