Fefa Romanova


Fefa Romanôva is a self-taught artist from Brazil. Growing up in the Amazon, she was introduced to folkloric culture, not only in stories, but also through ritual dances she took part in throughout childhood. Images of river mermaids swimming through aquatic plants and giant native women, larger than life, sprung to her mind. Her studies in theater, beginning in 2007, revived her interest in the folk stories and characters of her childhood. She began drawing and painting, creating a dialogue with these characters. She hoped to not only rescue them from the past, but to invent a new aesthetic and spiritual existence, one with its own mythology. Working with varied materials and media, she seeks to fill spaces with a storyline, one in which simplified human physiognomy, animal forms, and bold abstract lines mesh and morph into one another, resulting in a loose interpretation of otherworldly imagery.



2017 - Mirror's Inhabitants, BRIC ARTS MEDIA curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, Brooklyn - NY, USA

2017 - ARTEXPO NY / Duetto Gallery, New York City, USA

2017 - Synopsis of an Urban Memoir, New York City, USA 

2016 - Forbbiden Fruit / Fort Tilden National Recreation Area curated by Gregory J. Snyder and Larry Ossei-Mensah

2015 - Grand Salon Show / Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn/NY

2014 - FilaAc - Feira Independente de Arte Contemporânea - São Paulo/ Brazil

2012 - Regents Canal  Festival curated by Brasiliality / Art Pavilion - London/UK

2011 - ArtParis ArtFair curated by SaatchiArt / GrandPalais - Paris/ France

2011 - Burn Out / BrickLane Gallery -  London/Uk



2016 - Granted artist by NEA - National Endowment for the Arts

2010 - Farewell - Galeria Olho d'Agua - Brasilia/ Brazil.