Gildasio Jardim


From the Jequitinhonha Valley region of Brazil. He began in the visual arts in a self-taught way. When he was only 13 years old his contact with different inks started. By doing several experiments he found his artistic identity by making his painting with fabric.

Inspired by popular cultureand participating in FESTIVALE, he realized that through his everyday life, surrounded by folk culture and the spontaneous joy of his people, he could register all the beauty in his world and establish his style. Gildásio's art is based on the diversity and richness of its habitat - the region of the great Jequi - and is eternalized in the history of art. 



2017   ART EXPO NYC, New York 

2015  JARDIM DO BRASIL - ROTA 450 - Rio de Janeiro 

2015  COTIDIANO DE CHITA – Rio de Janeiro 

2014  PRIMAVERA DE CHITA – Rio de Janeiro

2014  Mulheres: Artesãs do Brasil – Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

2013  Jardim do Brasil -  SESC – Rio de Janeiro