Soledad Garzón Gaitano



Soledad Garzón Gaitano is an Argentina artist based in Barcelona.    

Soledad has a Bachelor of Fine Arts at National University of Córdoba and a Master in Cultural Management from University of Barcelona.

She arrived in Barcelona in 2009 with a scholarship at the Mariscal Studio, where she later worked for more than three years.  Soledade has held various coordination, programming and production positions that have allowed her to participate in different types of projects in the educational, social and cultural areas.

Soledad has participated in numerous exhibitions.   She loves to work with mixed media.  Her works are very innovative, bold, colorful and very feminine.  She called her art "Botanicart".  All her paintings are full of botanical elements. 

She coordinates the Cultural programming of the Center Cívic Cotxeres Borrell and the Escola Tísner educational project.  She is part of the APGCC (Association of Professionals of Cultural Management of Catalonia) and participates in the gender commission of the same Association. She participates in the international women for culture network.