"Black Mustache" - Alex Carnade

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"Black Mustache", 2020 - Framed 

Oil and acrylic on heavy weight paper for oil painting 

13" x 16" (33 x 41 cm)

Alex Carnade is a Brazilian artist, self-taught, he started with drawings before evolving to a more complex and contemporary style. His works are mostly oil and acrylic on canvas.   His subjects are personal studies on expressionism and other artistic movements. His brushstroke is easily recognizable for its heavy marks.  Carnade's technique is resumed to first a drawing - defining part of the painting and sometimes looking for hyperrealist elements -, and moving towards vigorous brushstrokes.  There is intense use of spatulas, seeking a mixture of fine, graceful and aggressiveness.  

The facial disfigurement, leading to the construction of humanoid specimens, is one of the most expressive marks of his artwork.