Henrique Belottt is a very dynamic artist and muralist.

He started as a street artist painting murals all over his home country, Brazil. Henrique is constantly developing his technique and currently his works are a dialogue between contemporary painting and street art.

His works are inspired by his personal experiences - people, places and cultures. Such elements as the mischaracterization of the human figure, colors and movement of Brazilian folklore and culture are recurrent in his artwork. The artist invites us to reflect upon these subjects and the stereotypes of modern society. Henrique reproduces in his works, his desire for a more collective expression. He tries to isolate his individual memory, almost acting against his own self and contemplating the collective. "I am completed by my work as an artist".

In 2012 he was awarded New Talent in Brazilian Contemporary Art. He has held several solo, group and festival exhibitions in various cities in Brazil, US and in Europe.

His works are part of the collection at the MuBE (Brazilian Sculpture Museum).