Jochen Cerny

Jochen Cenry, born in Düsseldorf-Germany, inherited his artistic skills from both his grandmother, a passionate photographer, and his father who worked together with top industry photographers.

Following his academic studies, Cerny made his first attempts to become a professional photographer but decided to become an international investment banker instead.

Years later, after a catalyst re-union with the famous photographer Andreas Gursky, a friend from his childhood, who confirmed Cerny’s talent, he got inspired to pursue his old passion: artistic photography.

Currently Jochen’s style is characterized by his self-developed and perfected CMPB-technique. He combines various layers of post-production techniques into a unique artwork by digitally manipulating each photography. His last works are digital photo painting, an art form that differentiates his work from the classical photography. His pictures do not intend to tell a “story” in the traditional sense but rather highlight the object itself.

The influence of “Düsseldorfer Schule” in Cerny’s works is obvious. He is the recipiente of various awards from important Photo initiatives such as Trierenberg Circuit (Austria) - “The world’s largest photo art contest”, Fotoforum Magazine (Germany) and Viewbug (US). His works are exhibited in many countries including Germany, London and Hong Kong where his work was strongly received by international art collectors and photo enthusiasts.