Alex Korolkovas - VALENTINA, Bowie Tribute

Alex Korolkovas - VALENTINA, Bowie Tribute

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VALENTINA, Bowie Tribute 

40" x 40" (101.5 cm x 101.5 cm) 

Photography on Plexiglas - Nº 1 of Limited Edition of 10  

Alex Korolkovas 

From São Paulo (Brazil), Korolkovas started his career in 1992, when he went to California to study at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and to work assisting several world renowned image-makers including erotic photographer Earl Miller.

Back to Brazil he shot several advertising campaigns for TVA, OESP, Nazca, Alumni, Harley-Davidson fashion and Suzuki. In 2004, he ranked “Top 10 New Fashion Photographers” on “Casa dos Criadores” fashion project. And in 2006, he was nominated for “Editora Abril” photography awards with a photo essay for VIP Magazine.

His fashion clients are some of the elite designers at São Paulo Fashion Week, including Reinaldo Lourenço, Gloria Coelho, Pedro Lourenço, Cecilia Echenique, CAVALERA, Acqua Studio, Douglas Harris and Bridal Couture’s top designer Lucas Anderi.

Currently, Alex K. lives in NYC and he works with magazines Bridestyle, Trip, My Lifestyle Magazine (US), Vip, Inked, Mixmag, Maxim, Sexy, Sax, Vogue, Stern (Germany), Nerve (NY), and DP Photographer (Portugal). 


Old passions die hard, even more so with artists. Photographer Alex Korolkovas knows it well. Recently, he re-created a story that began in the late 80s when he was introduced by a friend to the 1960s Italian comics by Guido Crepax, and fell in love with its main character, Valentina. "It's more than the narrative; it’s aesthetics, sensuality, insight and the contrast of her fragility versus her fortitude that caught me." Photographing the model Barbara Nogueira, Korolkovas finally gave life to his Valentina. Once the viewer is in front of it, it is impossible to overlook the significance of Korolkovas’ VALENTINA.