Daniel Tavares - The Marvelous Fishery

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The Marvelous Fishery, 2016

Oil on Canvas

43"1/4 x 39" (110cm x 100cm)

Daniel Tavares (b.1970, Minas Gerais, Brazil) considers his oil paintings part drawing and part painting. His artwork is a visual synthesis of his life experiences reflecting the influence of comic books - which he always loved -, advertisement graphics and incorporating pop art.
Tavares started painting and drawing when he was only 6 years old. “I painted because my brother was an artist and had all these art materials at home.  Instead of playing with toys, I played with colors.” In 1986, he began an internship as an illustrator at an advertisement agency, which gave wings to his talent and lead to a career in publicity agencies and magazines. Painting was only a hobby. In 1997, Tavares moved to Portugal and he decided to dedicate himself only to painting.
Tavares’ paintings gained international market recognition in 2005, first in Italy, where he lived 4 years and participated in more than 90 exhibitions. His painting matured a lot in this period. The great Renaissance masters have had significant influence in his work and life.
In 2010 he painted and exhibited his work in New York City. Tavares is considered an internationally renowned artist, who has participated in more than 120 exhibitions around the world. Tavares’s artwork can be found in galleries and private collections around the world, including New York, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, and Portugal among others.  

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