"Esperanza" by Olga Cairols

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"Esperanza", 2021

Mixed-Media on Canvas

39"2/5 x 31"9/10 (100 x 81 cm)

Olga Cairols is a Spanish artist with more than 35 years of career.

Olga studied Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. She has a bachelors degree in Design, Art and Fashion from the Instituto Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, and studied Painting, Drawing and Illustration at the Academia Tandem.

“I love to work with different techniques. Sometimes on canvas, sometimes on paper. I create with collage, photography, drawing, acrylic, acrylic with spatula, oil painting, oil pastel, charcoal and markers”.

Olga’s artworks can be span from neo-pop, to net-impressionism and some inspirations of expressionism. Symbolism are also spread trough-out her work.

“My work deals with women issues, with all beings and their relationship with nature. I have a special and strong connection with forests. These are my inspirations which I make sure to include, to honor on my artwork”.