Fernando Braune -Feminine Liturgy Gun

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30" x 24" (76 cm x 61 cm) - Contact us at duettoarts@gmail.com  if you are interested in a different size. 

Photography on Aluminium - Limited Edition of 10  

The world is going trough a lot of madness and destruction, however, there are various initiatives toward a more developed and loving society.

One of the most intense subjects of society struggles and development has been women rights or lack of rights. We have a long way to go to become as great as we wish, but the past 50 years woman became more and more powerful and taking the center stage of society.

I believe that in my personal and professional contact with many women: mothers, daughters, wives, workers, fighters, builders, lovers... I think that coming from a Latin American country, I felt this need for expressing the conflicts between the feminine universe and their life in some contemporary but very patriarchal cultural reality.

Artistically, the most expressive way to do that was overlapping symbolic images of oppression – guns, lockers, wires - with screams, tears and whispers of the woman discriminated I met along the way, becoming the tessitura of the multiple feminine realities, in a cosmic allegory in search of their right to be different, in a feminine liturgy. In the search for being who they want to be.





Fernando Braune is a Brazilian photographer who finds beauty in life struggles. He applies a very unique technique to color his photographs making them vibrant, more expressive and powerful.

Mr. Braune is very well-recognized through various important contemporary exhibitions in various cities including New York, Paris, London, Florence, Milan, Nice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Stockholm, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.