LILITH by Pietrina Checcacci

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Lilith, 1991 - Limited Edition of 99

Serigraph technique: hot stamping on 30 grams French paper     

27"1/2 x 19"5/8 (70 cm x 50 cm) 

Pietrina Checcacci

Pietrina is an internationally awarded painter and sculptor, with several works sold on auctions at Christie’s and more than 90 solo exhibitions and 50 collective exhibitions in various countries including Brazil, Italy, USA, Uruguay, Germany, Colombia, Chile, Portugal, and Mexico. 

Pietrina was born in Italy in 1941. She moved to Brazil with her family when she was 13, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the National School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. The University awarded her with a gold medal for her painting technique.  

Throughout her career Pietrina has received several awards, including 2nd place at Cândido Portinari Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro's Fine Arts Museum; a Gold Medal from Brazil University; 1st place at the I Visual Arts Exhibition from Rio Grande do Sul; 2nd Best Painting at The Modern Art Exhibition in Curitiba, twice; Outstanding Painting of the Decade 70's / 80’s from the Museum of Modern Art Saloon, Rio de Janeiro;  the Silver Rose, Italy; The Best Religious Stamp Design from the Philatelic Association from São Paulo / San Gabriel, Italy; The Best Stamp Design in Brazil from the World Congress of Philatelic Art Association, in Brasília; and The Ox Eye from São Paulo's state newspaper for the best stamp design of the year. This award is voted by art critics as well as the general public. 

"When I look over what I have created so far I see a coherence with my truth. In times when everything is mass produced, copied and re-copied, it is wonderful to have an original and unique means of expression that makes everything I create identified with the constant evolution of people, planet and nature”.