Where are We?

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Where are We? 2019

Ballpoint and Acrylic on Canvas.   

7"3/4 x 11"3/4 (20 cm x 30 cm) 

Luciana Gomez

Luciana was born in Lanús, south suburb of charming Buenos Aires. Growing up among various shades of gray from the buildings and main roads that connect Lanús to Buenos Aires, her passion for art started very early.   

Luciana shared her time between triathlon and drawing.  She studied and taught at the IUNA (National University Institute of Art) in Buenos Aires.  At age 15 she was invited to her first collective exhibition in the well-known Buenos Aires Cultural Center – Asociación Estímulo de Bellas Artes (“Primer Salón de Dibujo Ernesto de Cárcova”).  

After that, she has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Austria, Spain, France, Italia, Portugal, winning several international prizes.

Her paintings can be found in galleries in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Paris.  Her patrons include various Brazilian soccer players, Vogue magazine and Jean Paul Gaultier who described her work as "magnifique”.

Luciana's art has been praised for her boldness in exploring conventional boundaries: between painting and drawing; between the figurative and the abstract; between bright colours and black & white; between light and shade.      

Her poetic pointillism evokes a strong connection with nature, inspired by the days when she was an athlete - running through forests and swimming in the ocean, lakes and rivers – often reminding us of the simultaneous strength and candour gentleness of the feminine figure.  

Her mixed media art is made with special ballpoint pens and acrylic paint, including camouflaged poetry in-between forms, lines and color.